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Spring Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

My Uncle Bob and I had a great time fishing at Dog Gun Lake this Easter Sunday. The temperature was right around 30 degrees with 10-15 mph winds. It was quite chilly but the fish were biting. 🙂

Swan River Rainbow Fishing – Spring 2015

Rainbow Trout Fishing Bigfork, MT

Abnormally warm weather has given us some really nice days here in Montana! Here are a few photos from throwing streamers on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Devon Morton - Swan River Rainbow Trout Fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing Bigfork, MT

Freshwater Sculpin Swan River, MT

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Montana - Devon Morton

Devon Morton - Rainbow Trout Fishing - Swan River,  MT

Swan River Montana Rainbow Trout Flyfishing

Swan River, Montana - Gildart Creek Fly Fishing

Swan River Snow Mobiling

Ice Fishing Swan Lake Montana for Lakers and Bulls

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

This ice fishing season seemed a lot shorter than previous seasons. Life is getting pretty busy I guess… Anyway, I was able to make it out a couple times this year with my Uncle Bob. Here are a few photos from our ice fishing trips on Swan Lake before the ice got bad.

Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Bob Morton

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake - Devon Morton

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake - Bob Morton

Bull Trout Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

Bull Trout Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

Lake Trout and Bull Trout Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Bob Morton

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

Montana Pheasant Hunting – Opening Weekend 2013

Pheasant Hunting Eastern Montana

Pheasant Hunting Montana 2013

Well it was another beautiful pheasant opening weekend in Eastern Montana. The cool weather really helped the dogs track and not overheat. Just one bird short of our two-day limit wasn’t too bad.  Most of the birds we harvested were fairly mature. Most other hunters seemed to have quite a few younger birds in their possession and this could be contributed to the release of many farmed pheasants in the area. Here are a few pictures from over the weekend:

Chocolate Lab Pheasant

Scud’s first pheasant retrieve.


Bighorn Ram Punch & Elk Camp at the Sun River Game Range

Rocky Mountain Front, Montana

A few pictures and videos from helping a friend take his elk camp out at the Sun River Game Range (back in December). On the way out we saw some bighorn sheep on the side of the road. They were pretty comical to watch.

These videos are best viewed in Full Screen mode as I was a little ways back.

Scud & Friends

Sleeping Chocolate Lab Puppy

Winter Farm Pictures – Valier & Sweetgrass, MT

The old farm house

While driving up to Canada to get Scud we stopped by the farm to check on things.  It’s was nice and sunny and there quite a few birds (pheasants) from what I could see.  Here are a few photos I took on the way up to Canada, mostly around the farm and towards the Sweetgrass Hills.

Making Deer Jerky

Jerky in the dehydrator

2012 Whitetail Buck Deer

At the end of this last hunting season I took a stab a making some jerky out of my deer. I took about 15 lbs. of deer meat and cut it up into 3/4″ slices, then mixed it up in a container with Hi-Country Jerky Seasoning & Cure. After letting the jerky season & cure overnight I placed the slices of meat on the dehydrator racks, set the temperature at 155 and walked away for 14 hours.  If the jerky wasn’t so thick it would have not taken as long to cook but boy it turned out great!