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Bighorn Ram Punch & Elk Camp at the Sun River Game Range

Rocky Mountain Front, Montana

A few pictures and videos from helping a friend take his elk camp out at the Sun River Game Range (back in December). On the way out we saw some bighorn sheep on the side of the road. They were pretty comical to watch.

These videos are best viewed in Full Screen mode as I was a little ways back.

Winter Farm Pictures – Valier & Sweetgrass, MT

The old farm house

While driving up to Canada to get Scud we stopped by the farm to check on things.  It’s was nice and sunny and there quite a few birds (pheasants) from what I could see.  Here are a few photos I took on the way up to Canada, mostly around the farm and towards the Sweetgrass Hills.

New Pheasant Dog in the Family! – Scud

On January 2nd my uncle and I headed to the Great White North to pick up a new chocolate lab pup (born 11/15/2012).  He doesn’t know how good he’s got it, or maybe he does as he seems very smart. So please welcome Scud to the family! 🙂

New Bridge in East Glacier, MT

Demolition of Bridge in East Glacier, MT

While driving back from our Eastern Montana pheasant hunt I saw the old bridge in East Glacier, MT being torn down.  That bridge stood for many years.


Pheasant Opening Weekend 2012

Chinese Ringneck Pheasant Hunting

A few pictures of the great time I had over in Eastern Montana pheasant hunting.  I’m not sure there are a lot of birds this year as we really had to hunt hard to get our limit! Top that with most of the young birds get shot the first week or two and that makes for lots of walking for the rest of the season.

Montana Northern Pike Fish Fry

Devon Morton, Montana Northern Pike

Caught a really nice female Northern Pike this past weekend.  Talk about good eating!  Little bit of beer battering and a little Cajun seasoning makes me happy. 🙂

Devon Morton, Montana Northern Pike

Rocky Mountain Front Tree Planting – Valier, MT

Valier, MT Farm

This past April we planted about 500 Russian Olive trees. It was a grueling 2 days of work! Lots of sun, trees, digging & watering.  Hopefully the trees will root well and make it. Give it 10+ years and the pheasants should have some great additional habitat.

Big thanks to Krist & Ron for helping us!

Montana Mule Deer Hunt – Fall 2010

A few photos of my Eastern Montana Mule Deer.

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout – Winter 2010

It was a cold windy day but we did great! The weather even brought the elk down to see what we were doing.

Freshwater Salmon Fishing – Bitterroot Lake 2010

Freshwater Salmon Fishing Bitterroot Lake, Montana

Freshwater Salmon Fishing on Bitterroot Lake Winter of 2010. These smaller salmon are great canned and/or smoked.