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1911, AR-15 & 300 yard Gongs

Kimber .45 cal & Glock 19 9mm

Had a good friend in town the other week and we decided to hit up the range (Deer Creek Shooting Range).  With the start of hunting season closing in there were many hunters out sighting in their riffles and getting their loads dialed in.

It was really great to hit the pistol pits then off to the 300 yard range to “tap” the gongs. 🙂

A Good Day at the Range

Any day at the range is a great day! There’s something about the smell of gun power that makes me happy. 🙂 We hit the range this past week for a few hundred rounds of pistol (Glock 19 & Kimber 1911) and a hundred or so rounds of .223.

Reloading 9mm Handgun Ammunition

reloaded 9mm ammo

This past weekend a friend and I decided to do a little reloading. I haven’t reloaded much ammo but I would like to get into it more.  To get the process started I picked up a Lyman brass tumbler, which was the only piece to the puzzle that I was missing. We used a RCBS Supreme Master Reloading kit to reload some 9mm and to prep some 45 ACP. After a few hours of getting the process down and setting the dies, we punched out 100 rounds. We used Hodgdon Clays Universal powder and HSM 9mm 115 Plated Bullets this round.

After everything was said and done, we hit the range on Easter and found out we didn’t use quite enough powder to properly eject the spent casing. Next time we will bump it up and I’m sure everything will work great!