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Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout – Winter 2010

It was a cold windy day but we did great! The weather even brought the elk down to see what we were doing.

Pheasant Hunting 2nd Week 2008

Orvis Morton - Pheasant Hunting Valier Montana 2008

Second weekend over at the farm. My father-in-law, George Bingham, came along with his dog Duke. 

Pheasant Hunting Opening Day 2008

Ringneck Pheasant

Here are a few pheasant hunting pictures taken over at our farm in Valier, MT on opening day.





Canadian Bird Hunting Trip Fall 2008

Oly, Bob, Orvis - Saskatchewan Bird Hunting Trip 2008

My Uncle Bob and I made a trip up to our property near Usherville, Saskatchewan. While we were up there we did quite a bit of goose and duck hunting but also managed to get in some grouse hunting. I also jumped in and helped (with moral support) the local butcher who just harvested a moose. Taking a break from hunting we went on a trip to Armit Lake, Manitoba with our friend Blair Mitchell to do some fishing. Here are a few photos from our trip.