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Nushagak River King Salmon Fishing… and a Little Halibut

A great week long fishing trip outfitted by Fins, Feathers & Furs on the Nushagak River in Alaska, but first a day Halibut fishing in Homer, AK. Flew into Anchorage and drove to Homer for halibut, then back to Anchorage. From Anchorage flew to Dillingham, AK and then by float plane to camp. Here are […]

Paddlefishing the Missouri River, Montana

Had a great time Uncle Bob, Jeff and Gonzer fishing for paddlefish on the Missouri River in the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. We started at the Fred Robinson Bridge and worked our way up the river many miles, stopping along the way to throw set lines and snag. I caught so many different species of fish (walleye, sauger, crappie, northerns, drums, goldeneye, catfish, carp, etc.) I didn’t think the river could be home to. The goal was to catch at least one paddlefish. “The Fish of 1000 Casts” they called it and I hooked one on cast 7… granted 500+ more casts and I didn’t catch a thing. So, after catching a roughly 45 lb male paddlefish I fulfilled my goal. 🙂


Spring Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

My Uncle Bob and I had a great time fishing at Dog Gun Lake this Easter Sunday. The temperature was right around 30 degrees with 10-15 mph winds. It was quite chilly but the fish were biting. 🙂

Swan River Rainbow Fishing – Spring 2015

Rainbow Trout Fishing Bigfork, MT

Abnormally warm weather has given us some really nice days here in Montana! Here are a few photos from throwing streamers on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Devon Morton - Swan River Rainbow Trout Fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing Bigfork, MT

Freshwater Sculpin Swan River, MT

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Montana - Devon Morton

Devon Morton - Rainbow Trout Fishing - Swan River,  MT

Swan River Montana Rainbow Trout Flyfishing

Swan River, Montana - Gildart Creek Fly Fishing

Swan River Snow Mobiling

Ice Fishing Swan Lake Montana for Lakers and Bulls

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

This ice fishing season seemed a lot shorter than previous seasons. Life is getting pretty busy I guess… Anyway, I was able to make it out a couple times this year with my Uncle Bob. Here are a few photos from our ice fishing trips on Swan Lake before the ice got bad.

Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Bob Morton

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake - Devon Morton

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake - Bob Morton

Bull Trout Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

Bull Trout Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

Lake Trout and Bull Trout Ice Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Bob Morton

Bull Trout Fishing Swan Lake, MT - Devon Morton

Bass Fishing & Shooting Bad Paper Guys in the Arizona Desert

Alamo Lake Campground, AZ

I went to AZ to go fishing and see family. While I was there we stopped off and did a little shooting in desert. Good times.

Montana Northern Pike Fish Fry

Devon Morton, Montana Northern Pike

Caught a really nice female Northern Pike this past weekend.  Talk about good eating!  Little bit of beer battering and a little Cajun seasoning makes me happy. 🙂

Devon Morton, Montana Northern Pike

Weekend Trophy Room

Bull Elk Antlers

Well I took a stab at helping my uncle hang some mounts this past weekend. The house has been in various states of construction over the past year so the mounts have been getting kicked around, but not anymore! Cleared some space in the basement and started hanging what I could.  Too bad we don’t have more wall space.

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout – Winter 2010

It was a cold windy day but we did great! The weather even brought the elk down to see what we were doing.

Wind Rivers, Wyoming Pack Trip 2011

Here are a few photos from the Wind Rivers Range pack trip I went on with my father-in-law, George Bingham and two of his good friends, Dan Harper & Don Barth.  We took horses into the Bridger-Teton National Forest/Wilderness (Wyoming) about 15 miles and camped at Lost Lake for a few days.  We did a bunch of fishing and some hiking.