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A Good Day at the Range

Any day at the range is a great day! There’s something about the smell of gun power that makes me happy. 🙂 We hit the range this past week for a few hundred rounds of pistol (Glock 19 & Kimber 1911) and a hundred or so rounds of .223.

Weekend Trophy Room

Bull Elk Antlers

Well I took a stab at helping my uncle hang some mounts this past weekend. The house has been in various states of construction over the past year so the mounts have been getting kicked around, but not anymore! Cleared some space in the basement and started hanging what I could.  Too bad we don’t have more wall space.

Mule Deer Whitetail Cross?

Double beam shed horn antler

Mule Deer Whitetail Cross?

A friend of mine found a really interesting shed horn (antler) on our farm.  Pretty unusual double beam structure, makes me think it could possibly be a mule deer whitetail cross as I have seen similar characteristics on other deer.