Reloading 9mm Handgun Ammunition

reloaded 9mm ammo

This past weekend a friend and I decided to do a little reloading. I haven’t reloaded much ammo but I would like to get into it more.  To get the process started I picked up a Lyman brass tumbler, which was the only piece to the puzzle that I was missing. We used a RCBS Supreme Master Reloading kit to reload some 9mm and to prep some 45 ACP. After a few hours of getting the process down and setting the dies, we punched out 100 rounds. We used Hodgdon Clays Universal powder and HSM 9mm 115 Plated Bullets this round.

After everything was said and done, we hit the range on Easter and found out we didn’t use quite enough powder to properly eject the spent casing. Next time we will bump it up and I’m sure everything will work great!

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4 responses to “Reloading 9mm Handgun Ammunition”

  1. martowski says :

    Nice! I’ve been using Berry’s 124gr plated 9mm bullets powered by 3.8 gr. of Bullseye and CCI small pistol primers. But, just purchased some Win231 to try out.

    • DCM says :

      How are those working for you? Wholesale Sports was out of every small pistol primer but Federal Match. They shot well, just needed a little more powder.

      • martowski says :

        Working well. The I like the Berry’s bullet’s; they group well in my 9mm autos and I see no decrease in accuracy vs. factory FMJ loads. And, I like the 124 gr. bullets; the 115 gr. factory loads seem to have a low point of impact but the 124 gr loads are pretty much “right on” in many of my pistols. Got them from Graf & Sons online; some of the best prices I’ve seen along with Powder Valley. Picked up the CCI primers for $26 at a local show a couple months back.

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