Montana 380-20 Elk Hunt 2008

Bull Elk 380-20 Boulder/Elkhorn Montana

I am one of the lucky few to get the chance to hunt a bull elk in the Montana 380-20 hunting district (about a 2% chance of drawing).  My Uncle Bob and I had a successful hunt during an unusually warm hunting season. We spent most of our time hunting the Compton Ranch just east of Boulder. It was late Thanksgiving Day when I got to chance to harvest the first legal elk I had even seen that season. Here are a few pictures from the hunt.

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4 responses to “Montana 380-20 Elk Hunt 2008”

  1. huntingmotherearth says :

    Some really great pictures! Congratulations!

  2. Ryan says :

    drew that tag for this year. Any suggestions

    • DCM says :

      Pray for cold weather! It was way too warm when we were there for elk to be moving. The nice thing about is that anyone that sees a big elk will tell you about it since hardly anyone has a tag. Good luck! Let me know how you do.

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